Looking forward to going to this year’s SharePoint Connections in Las Vegas, NV.


There are a couple of really great talks and Keynotes scheduled that should shed light on the next year as SharePoint 2010 and the “Social Enterprise” come together on a mashup collision course.  Things that will hopefully be enlightening are some of the talks including:

  • Big Data, Cloud and SharePoint (Steve Fox)
  • SharePoint Governance: Business, People and Process (Dan Holme)
  • Creating Dynamic Dashboards and Sharing Them Across the Corporation (Steve Caravajal)
  • Document Management Solutions (Paul J. Swider) – While not really part of the social sphere per say, very important for companies who are looking to organize and govern their data!

And of course… Q&A and the Prize Drawings :)  I never win, but it’s in Vegas and I feel lucky!