Ok, this isn’t a book review per say, as I have not yet read this book, but as a father geek, with a geek in training, how cool is this?


Solar Energy Projects for the Evil Genius
by Gavin D J Harper

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The book, filled with projects on how to harness the sun for your own personal gain immediately drew my attention as some cool projects I can do with my daughter.  Since my wife and I were recently talking about the pros and cons of converting to solar and getting a bit more “off the grid”, I thought this would be a fun book to check out from the local library as well.

I really think the Evil Genius series has a lot to offer some of us geeks and geeks-in-training and I’m looking forward to reading this book.  Here is a sneak peak at the table of contents:

Chapter 1. Why solar?
Chapter 2. The Solar Resource
Chapter 3. Positioning Your Solar Devices
Chapter 4. Solar Heating
Chapter 5. Solar Cooling
Chapter 6. Solar Cooking
Chapter 7. Solar Stills
Chapter 8. Solar Collectors
Chapter 9. Solar Pumping
Chapter 10. Solar Photovoltaics
Chapter 11. Photochemical Solar Cells
Chapter 12. Solar Engines
Chapter 13. Solar Electrical Projects
Chapter 14. Tracking the Sun
Chapter 15. Solar Transport
Chapter 16. Solar Robotics?
Chapter 17. Solar Hydrogen Partnership
Chapter 18: Photosynthesis–Fuel from the Sun
Appendix A: Solar Projects on the Web
Appendix B: Supplier’s Index