Hey SoCal Devs

Last time this conference came around, you said we didn’t give you enough notice to get the cost approved by your company.  Well, now you have plenty of time. For those of us in SoCal, if you go to one paid conference a year, this should be it.

Dev Intersection – Nov 10-13 2014 Las Vegas

Everyone you want to see will be speaking here :

  • Scott Guthrie
  • Steve Guggenhimer
  • Scott Hanselman
  • John Papa
  • Michele Bustamante
  • Richard Campbell
  • Dan Wahlin
  • Paul Sheriff
  • Mark Minasi
  • Billy Hollis
  • Juval Lowy

And Many more. If you are a .Net Developer in the west, this is really an event you don’t want to miss. 

You can find out more and register here : http://devintersection.com/

If you use the code “SoCal” at registration, you will get an additional $50 off of your registration.

And Remember.. this is not just DEV, it’s also :

SharePoint, Office 365, ASP.net, Visual Studio, Azure, SQL too.