Sometimes working on a DEV server runs into some unexpected features.  Like bad performance.  Sometimes the bad performance leads to bonus features in the error logs.

This one started popping up in the ULS viewer:

Unexpected error occurred in method ‘GetObject’ , usage ‘SPViewStateCache’ – Exception ‘Microsoft.ApplicationServer.Caching.DataCacheException: ErrorCode<ERRCA0018>:SubStatus<ES0001>:The request timed out..

However, it’s a simple enough fix, just increase the timeout for the cache.  Not something you want to do in a production environment, but when you’re running on a DEV machine and you just need the SharePoint 2013 platform to run without errors so it’s not masking any actual issues, this seems to work pretty well.

$LogonTokenCache = Get-SPDistributedCacheClientSetting -ContainerType DistributedLogonTokenCache
$LogonTokenCache.RequestTimeout = 300 
Set-SPDistributedCacheClientSetting -ContainerType DistributedLogonTokenCache -DistributedCacheClientSettings $LogonTokenCache
$ViewStateCache = Get-SPDistributedCacheClientSetting -ContainerType DistributedViewStateCache
$ViewStateCache.RequestTimeout = 300 
Set-SPDistributedCacheClientSetting -ContainerType DistributedViewStateCache -DistributedCacheClientSettings $ViewStateCache

This will usually get rid of the error from popping up in the ULS logs.