Sometimes I need to know what timer jobs are running on the farm at a given moment.  Here’s how you do it in PowerShell:

# Get current date
$date = Get-Date

# Show current date
Write-Host "Looking for running jobs with a Last Run Time of greater than or equal to" $date

# Get all Timer jobs and iterate
Get-SPTimerJob | ForEach-Object {

  # Get last run time for job
  $lastRunTime = $_.LastRunTime

  # If run time is greater than/equal to write it out
  if ($lastRunTime -ge $date)
     Write-Host $_.Name", last run at" $_.LastRunTime

If you want to include a bit of history, like number of jobs run in the last five minutes, just use this for your $date variable:

$date =  (Get-Date).AddMinutes(-5)