Random things that I’m looking forward to with SharePoint 2010:

  • Managed Metadata Service
  • Enterprise Content Types
  • Tagging and Rating (Taxonomy & Folksonomy)
  • Content Organizer (routing content based on pre-set policies)
  • Records Management (in place or upload to record center)
  • Delete, Hold in-place, Archive with Link options
  • Social features, social search, social bookmarking, search for user content
  • My Sites: Customizable My Site templates, org chart, user’s activity feed
  • User Profile Service; Sync data from multiple sources into SharePoint profile
  • Unique document IDs (HUGE!)
  • SharePoint Workspace for offline collaboration
  • Office Web applications

Yes, a bit heavy on the social networking and content metatagging side, but that’s the stuff that gives users control while still being able to intelligently manage all that data!