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  1. great article. thanks.

    Can you elaborate on the CNC and AD MA acronyms. Not entirely sure what you meant by “If the CNC was not included when the AD MA was created then it will never be included in the AD MA.”

    1. CNC is the Configuration Naming Context, the primary repository for configuration information for a forest that gets replicated to every domain controller in the forest. The root of the CNC is found in the configuration container, so in the example above with a http://corp.net the configuration naming context be located at cn=configuration,dc=corp,dc=net

      An MA is what is used when data moves from either the connector space to the metaverse or from the metaverse to the connector. Remember that SharePoint 2010 uses a very lightweight version of ForeFront Identity Manager, and each MA contains its own connector space and can be configured with rules on how to process the data using either the SharePoint UPS connector UI in central admin (recommended) or if you’re feeling brave the MIIScleint UI on the server running the User Profile Syncronization (usually found here: “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office Servers\14.0\Synchronization Service\UIShell\miisclient.exe”).

      So long story short, if you didn’t set up your MA correctly to begin with to handle the NetBIOS name being different from the domain name, you’ll have to delete your current connectors in SharePoint and rebuild them in order for the configuration information to be included in your User Profile Sync because you can’t go back and edit it to include the configuration info. That’s why step #2 is important.

  2. Hi. Great post.
    My issue is that every user profile changes domain name after he logs in and I run Incremental Sync.
    After full sync its domain-a\user and after incremental sync (only if user logged on at least one time to site) it changes to domain-b\user
    Any thoughts?

    1. If you leave your farm running as is, then yes, deleting the connection will delete the profiles. in order to preserve the profiles:

      1. Disable the Mysite Cleanup timer job before you do anything
      2. After the initial sync, profiles will be marked for deletion in the database (I think I have a post around somewhere on how to check what profiles are marked for deletion in the database, if not, good topic for later!)
      3. Performing a full sync along with at least one incremental sync will switch the profile back to active.
      4. It should now be safe to turn back on the Mysite Cleanup job.

  3. Thank you!
    I re created my User Profile Service and forgot this step. All the profiles were deleted when the MySite Cleanup Timer Job ran.

    I restored the Profile and Social DBs, Exported the User Photos library out of the MySite Content DB backup, recreated the User Profile Service using the restored DBs, completed your step to use NetBIOSNames and all was fine.

    I imported the photos library backup into the MySites to restore all the photos that were deleted

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