Microsoft has just released a good set of examples of Apps on CodePlex. Most will work on Office 365 as well as on-Prem Sharepoint Server 2013.

Currently this project is very focused on the SharePoint scenarios but they say they are also keeping an eye on including the all-up Office Developer moving forward.  These volunteers are working with the MSDN Content Publishing team to take the most impactful and useful samples that complete common customer scenarios and publishing them as "Solution Packs" of content as well as "Sample Packs" of sample code.

Extremely useful for those of us “SharePoint Chefs” who take various code recipes and add our own flavor to them.

You can get additional details from the introduction presentation.

Quick list of included scenarios

  • Cloud based site collection provisioning
  • Creating site collections remotely using SP Apps in on-premises
  • Provision and integrate Yammer group into site provisioning
  • Manage and update theme settings in host web
  • Changing host web rendering with custom CSS
  • Site policy management with CSOM
  • Wiki page manipulation using CSOM
  • Site collection enumeration
  • Setting up Apps to Windows Azure with specific roles
  • People picker implementation for provider hosted app
  • Taxonomy picker implementation for provider hosted app
  • Utilization of JavaScript injection pattern to modify the UI for end users
  • Uploading of large files to SharePoint
  • Deploy branding to personal SkyDrive Pro sites automatically
  • Connect to and manipulate Office365 sites using console application
  • Provide custom template pattern for sub site creation
  • Manipulation of user profile properties remotely
  • Build sync of user profile properties in cloud
  • Taxonomy driven navigation control using JavaScript
  • Mass deployment of branding elements from console app
  • Hybrid self-service site collection provisioning – one UI for cloud and on-prem
  • Synchronization of user profile pictures from on-prem to SharePoint Online
  • Dynamic permission handling
  • Remote event receivers from host web

MSDN references

Check the new SharePoint Online Solution Pack for branding and provisioning. This package contains some examples, which originate from the AMS reference implementations. Here are the direct links for the Solution Pack

You can find an introduction to the SharePoint Online Solution Pack for branding and provisioning by following the blog post – Introduction to SharePoint Online Solution Pack for branding and provisioning released.