SharePoint provides a clumsy support for mobile devices by providing for List Views designated for mobile devices and automatic page redirect if the site is accessed by a mobile device.  By rendering column data in a format suitable for mobile devices it works, but it’s not a great experience in my opinion. By default Windows SharePoint Services ships with a “Mobility Redirect” feature that creates a default.aspx page in the /m folder of each site.

For supporting users who what to access a mobile friendly version of the site, You have two ways to turn on the feature:

Using stsadm.exe command line tool

Stsadm -o activatefeature -name MobilityRedirect -URL “http://<URL>” 

Using PowerShell

Enable-SPFeature -Identity MobilityRedirect -Url http://<URL>

Remember that this is a SPWeb feature so you can turn it Off or On on an individual site.  Personally I don’t like the branding on the mobile view, so remember that when branding or developing sites for mobile devices, you can easily switch to mobile view of the page by using User Agent Switcher add-in for FireFox.