Sometimes when you walk into a new client site, they have what is documented and then they have reality.  Farms get patched, upgraded and various products installed and sometimes there’s no documentation about what actaully exists.  so first thing you want to do is see what you are dealing with.  Here’s some basic commands to see what’s going on.

First, what products are you working with?  Using Powershell we can find out what products are installed on the farm:


This will print out a list of SKU GUID values that you can compare against this list to see what is actually installed on the farm.

  • BEED1F75-C398-4447-AEF1-E66E1F0DF91E: SharePoint Foundation 2010
  • 1328E89E-7EC8-4F7E-809E-7E945796E511: Search Server Express 2010
  • B2C0B444-3914-4ACB-A0B8-7CF50A8F7AA0: SharePoint Server 2010 Standard Trial
  • 3FDFBCC8-B3E4-4482-91FA-122C6432805C: SharePoint Server 2010 Standard
  • 88BED06D-8C6B-4E62-AB01-546D6005FE97: SharePoint Server 2010 Enterprise Trial
  • D5595F62-449B-4061-B0B2-0CBAD410BB51: SharePoint Server 2010 Enterprise
  • BC4C1C97-9013-4033-A0DD-9DC9E6D6C887: Search Server 2010 Trial
  • 08460AA2-A176-442C-BDCA-26928704D80B: Search Server 2010
  • 84902853-59F6-4B20-BC7C-DE4F419FEFAD: Project Server 2010 Trial
  • ED21638F-97FF-4A65-AD9B-6889B93065E2: Project Server 2010
  • 926E4E17-087B-47D1-8BD7-91A394BC6196: Office Web Applications 2010

For example, when I run this on an SPFarm I am currently working on, I get the following results:


And that tells me I have SharePoint Foundation 2010, SharePoint Server 2010 Enterprise, and Office Web Applications 2010 installed on the farm.

To figure out what version of SP or CU the SPFarm has been patched to, simply run this command:


And this will output the version of the farm.  Unfortunately I haven’t really been able to find a comprehensive list of build versions, but if you type it into Google the KB article usually comes up in the first couple entries.