Question: SharePoint we find sells itself into almost any industry or vertical, no problem, people come to us and they’re excited about it. But the one industry that we have a really tough time selling it is education because of the Mac again.

BILL GATES: Well, the world of browsers is advanced to the point where some of the innovations we did all the way back in Internet Explorer 5.0 that we called DHTML and it’s sort of become the foundation for what people call Ajax type development, that’s now widespread across the browsers. And so the latest version of Safari, the latest version of Firefox, and, of course, latest version of IE, because now we’re all the way up from 5.0 to 6.0 is pretty pervasive to now we’ve go the beta of 7.0 is in the marketplace. So the ability to do kind of nice interactive things in a way that works with the major browsers is a lot better. When we do, for example, InfoPath from the server or Excel type display from the server, we are using Java script that comes down on the client and runs, and we’ve done a lot of testing of these scenarios, not just on Internet Explorer, and so we have pretty good documentation on how far we’ve gone on that testing, and which versions of those browsers are adequate for these most advanced scenarios.