Month: December 2015

devOps Metrics

When thinking about what you’re going to measure when it comes to devOps, there are a ton of people out there with advice on what specifics you should look at.  For me it always comes down to four basic categories: Cost Availability Reliability...

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SharePoint 2013: How to Hide the Ribbon Bar

Strangely enough, one of the first things that seems to be sacrificed in a branding engagement is the SharePoint Ribbon bar.  For some reason it’s just too “SharePointy” and ends up being one of the first things to go, especially for publishing sites and intranets (At some point I have to wonder if Microsoft will just give in and bake a ribbon hiding feature into the site settings?). That being said, it’s one of those incredibly useful components for those of us who have to maintain and edit a site. A couple of years ago I wrote about How to Hide the Ribbon from Anonymous Users and Users without Edit Privileges.   This approach is of course still valid for 2013, but there are of course more than one way to accomplish this. With SharePoint 2013 we have HTML master pages that are converted to SharePoint master pages.  So one “correct” way to handle this is that we need to hide the ribbon bar from users of the site who don’t have the rights to manage the content on the site. If you open your HTML masterpage and search for “SID:02” you’ll find the ribbon snippet that we are looking for.  This is the control that we want to be able to hide for the users who don’t have the correct permissions to modify our publishing site – which can be defined...

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