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April was a busy month

All I can say about last month is that I’m glad I got through it… some of my highlights included: 1. My laptop computer has been on it’s last legs for a while… it’s an HP pavilion workhorse (nx9000 series) -17 inch monitor, big...

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Resolutions for the New Year

As 2008 approaches, it’s time to brush off those new year’s resolutions. Mine are pretty standard Exercise the Body Exercise the Mind Keep the financial house in order Be the family guy Towards that end, I’m doing several things...

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The Branding Battleground

Last night my daughter and I went to the hardware store to get some drywall anchors. Earlier that evening she had been literally swinging from the drapes in the front room and managed to pull one of the curtain rods down on her...

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Sub-Prime Mortgage Market

I’ve been involved with the sub-prime mortgage industry for about 10 years, and recently got out of the industry right before the big fall.  With all the press that has been going on recently, how could I not...

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