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Barbeque Cooking Tips

Once again we’re gearing up for Sumer, and that means it is Barbeque season. Basically barbeque is special technique that is used to add great taste to beef, pork, chicken, or even vegetables.  Cooking barbeque style means...

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MythBusting Backyard Barbeque Myths

With Summer sneaking up, I thought I’d talk a bit about some of the evil myths out there about backyard barbeque…. The best cooked rib meat falls off the bone Properly roasted ribs are tender but still have some chew, similar to...

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Barbeque: Santa Maria Smoked Tri-Tip

My wife got this recipe from the July 2007 edition of Cooking Light Magazine I think this dish turned out really well. The meat was incredibly flavorful and my wife made way too much salsa. This was actually a bonus for me as I...

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Barbeque: Smoked Pork

This weekend I smoked a 7 pound pork shoulder.  This to me is just about the most perfect lazy daddy meal for the weekend barbeque.  It was good, it was fairly easy, and best of all, we have left overs...

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