Computer geek, SharePoint guy, nerd and sometimes writer. I know GeekFu.

I should probably put some stuff in here about myself personally, what I do and who I am, but lets face it, nobody reads this stuff anyway.

This is basically a quick playground that I can use to test out various WordPress plugins, themes and other web-tech related to WordPress so that I can be my wife’s IT guy for her real site.  As we all know, technology moves fast and I’d rather break this site than hers.

Why ieDaddy?

i.e.  An abbreviation for id est, a Latin phrase meaning “that is.” It indicates that an explanation or paraphrase is about to follow: “Many workers expect to put in a forty-hour week — i.e., to work eight hours a day.” (Compare e.g.)

dad·dy    (dād’ē)  Pronunciation Key
n.   pl. dad·dies Informal
A father.

I find that I am many things to my daughter.  Jungle gym, pillow, reader of bed time stories, brusher of teeth, and on occasion doctor.  At other times someone to go on walks with, to talk to about her day, or explain why the sky is blue.

But it also refers to how my daughter keeps calling my Tim (which is my name), which for her I guess is natural since she hears everyone else doing it. She’s three at the start of this blog, and so I would keep saying to her, “Honey, you are my daughter and that means you get to call by a special name, i.e. Daddy.”

So I am the IE Daddy