Looking for something to do with the kids this weekend?  Teach them about what it means to leave behind a better world and protect our environment.  Children can make a difference if you teach them about sustainability and empower them to appreciate and preserve the environment.  Here are some of the things we’ve done with our kids to help promote sustainable living:

Plant a garden

The best way to teach children about sustainability is to plant a vegetable garden with their help. It need not be an elaborate garden as you can just start with some tomatoes and some herbs for your daily kitchen needs. We used a couple of 2×10 boards to create raised bed boxes and filled them in with garden dirt and compost.  It need not be complex at all!  Children can plant their favorite fruit trees or vegetables and make sure you go totally organic. Let them water the plants and help you fertilize the garden with natural compost, or even prepare for them Organic Snail and Slug Pest Control which they can spray on the plants. They will be participating in the growth of the food produce which will make them feel more responsible towards nature. This will instill the value of appreciating nature but also what goes into the food that we eat and what is healthy.

Start a compost pile

Creating your own compost pile with the help of children can be great fun for them as well as a learning process. Children will appreciate how the food wastes are utilized as organic garden fertilizer.  Plus they can contribute and watch the compost grow.  Here’s some reading on how to get started with your own compost:

And of course, what better incentive than a little competition.  Try growing your own Giant Organic Pumpkins from Compost.

Eat Natural Food

You can make the vegetables appear colorful and pleasing to the eyes as children are naturally attracted to colors. You can even pick out the menu together by evaluating the nutritional contents of each meal. This will be a great way of instilling the idea and importance of nutrients, vitamins and minerals which have various benefits for their bodies.

Buy from the local farmer’s market or CSA

Buy local grown vegetables which are not only healthy but fresh and safe. Take the children along to see the produce during the weekends and allow them to choose the vegetables they prefer. Explain to them that you buy from the local market or Community Supported Agriculture not only for the freshness of the produce but also to help augment the local economy. This will give them an idea of how they too can contribute towards this healthy practice.

By making small changes in the area where your children live, they will be helping immensely towards creating a better world. Encourage your children to be a part of that world and always appreciate them for their hard work and efforts towards sustainable living.