I have used J-B Weld for quite a few years.  It is to super glue what super glue is to Elmers glue.  Just awesome.  There area number of other two-part epoxy products available, but quite frankly I’d never found any to be the equal of J-B Weld.  It is the duct tape of the epoxy world, but then I found DevCon’s line of products.

For comparison, here’s what JB-Weld says about their product:

  • Tensile Strength:3960
  • Adhesion:1800
  • Flex Strength:7320
  • Tensile Lap Shear:1040
  • Shrinkage:0.00%
  • Resistant to:500° F


Seriously, just look at some of these ridiculous numbers from DevCon’s products:



I can’t wait for something to break around the house, because I’m dying to put some of this stuff to the test…