When you want to run a Web Analytics report you may receive the following error:

There is no data available for this report. Here are some possible reasons: (1) Web Analytics has not been enabled long enough to generate data; (2) There is insufficient data to generate this report; (3) Data logging required for this report might not be enabled; (4) Data aggregation might not be enabled at the level required for this report.

In order to view a report you will have to install the Web Analytics Service Application. The next steps will describe how to install the Web Analytics Service Application in a multiple server farm. The Web Analytics Service Application will be installed on the backend farm.

Provision the Web Analytics Services

  1. Go to the Central Administration –> Application Management –> Manage Service Applications
  2. Click within the Ribbon on New –> Web Analytics Service Application
  3. Provide a name for the Service Application and create a new app pool or use an existing (I recommend to use one application pool for several Service Applications)
  4. Provide a unique name for the Web Analytics, Staging and Reporting Database
  5. After you have created the Service Application you will have to start two services for populating the data. Go to Central Administration –> System Settings -> Manage service on server. Start the following two services:
    1. Web Analytics Data Processing Service
    2. Web Analytics Web Service


Choose which events you want to log

  1. Once the services are started go to Central Administration –> Monitoring –> Configure Web Analytics and Health Data Collection and set the appropriate logging, you’ll want to make sure you’re logging following:

    1. Page Requests

    2. Search Query Usage


Associate the Service Application with the Web App

  1. You also want to make sure that your Service Application is associated with your Web Application, so go to Central Admin –> Manage Web applications
  2. Highlight the web application you want and click “Service Connections” in the ribbon bar.
  3. Make sure the Web Analytics Service Application is associated with the web app


It is recommended when using a multiple server farm to start these service on multiple servers.

After you have performed these steps you can use the Web Analytics reporting. It can take one day before you can view any results. This because the data has to be populated.