Every year my family has a “college football pick ’em”.  Every year, I do horribly.  So, I thought I’d share my lousy picks with everyone…  including my rationale as to why I chose the various teams.  Maybe someone out there can help me with a few pointers.

First up, The Commisioner’s game – the commisioner (aka my cousin) picks one game, each member of the family picks the team that they think will cover the spread.  Whoever get’s this game right gets one point.

USC – that’s an easy pick… despite the bumpy ride getting to ND

And then we do a parlay pick, the more teams you pick, the higher the points you’ll recieve, but all of your picks must win in order to recieve any points.  Pick 3, get 3 – win a point.  Pick 4, get 4 – win 3 points.  Pick 5, get 5 – win 5 points
At the end of the season.  Family member with the most points has bragging rights for the year.

for the parlay points, I went with 4 teams, so hopefully I’ll pick up an additional 3 points on top of the one I win if USC covers the spread in the comissioner’s game

  1. Oklahoma (-28.5) – even though the coach says bowl rankings don’t mean anything right now, he’s going to run up the score pretty good
  2. Texas (-24.5)– I think the stunt last year when the QB did the whole “horns down” thing is going to leave them itching for payback, so Baylor is also going to have the score run up on them…again
  3. South Carolina (-13.5) – Well, ok, they’re also called USC and one of their QB’s is named Smelley.  Just as good a reason as any other.  Besides, I’ll root for them just like I’m rooting for my chickens in the back yard to survive, so if nothing else, I can say it’s for the namesake (yes, I really am raising chickens)
  4. Oregon Ducks (-13) – since I have a father-in-law who is a big fan…they’re going to cover, Dixon has something to prove after last year’s run fell apart.