Month: December 2010

SharePoint 2010–Photo Management for Social & MySites

Introduction: In SharePoint 2010, the product team has done an excellent job giving some love to the mySite features, User Profiles, and using this information to integrate throughout SharePoint in order to promote some of the social features that they’ve been busy integrating into the new version.  They’ve also given a nod to some of the more corporate concerns for large scale implementation by allowing better governance so that administrators can more easily lock down or modify the profiles based on what company policies might dictate, providing administrators with an easier way to manage these photos by storing them...

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FAST Search–100 Year Certificate Expiration

So one of the fun things about setting up FAST for development is that when you set up a development environment you have the option of creating a self-signed certificate if you want to set up HTTPS communication between FAST and SharePoint – always a good idea if you are doing the same in production as you want to make sure that the SDLC farms match production as closely as possible.  Unfortunately what this means is that you now have a cert that is valid for one year after installation.  As with most environments, it seems as if the...

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