Month: November 2010

SharePoint 2010–After Update “Could not find stored procedure ‘proc_UpdateStatisticsNVP”

Oh Microsoft, how I do love to hate you… so per KB2635071 Microsoft has released a fast publish which basically says “Nothing to see here, move along.” Or, to put it more exactly… This is a known issue that will be fixed in a future release of the product. The error does not affect the functionality of the product in any way and can be safely ignored. However, there are those of us who actually like to have a nice and clean event log, if for no other reason than when we filter for Critical and Error events we actually see issues that are pertinent to troubleshooting our farms, there needs to be a fix so we don’t end up training our support teams “Ignore SharePoint event alerts, it always does that.”  We’ve sort of missed the forest for the trees here.  The bigger picture should be how do we separate the real alerts from the ones we can safely ignore in a way that a support person can easily recognize.  In this case, the solution is to just add the proc_UpdateStatisticsNVP to the other databases so our SharePoint farm doesn’t alert on the issue and our event log stays cleaner and hopefully only shows relevant Critical and Error events. Issue: Log Name: Application Source: Microsoft-SharePoint Products-SharePoint Foundation Date: 15/07/2011 12:00:31 AM Event ID: 5586 Task Category: Database Level:...

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SharePoint 2010 – Language Pack IDs

Just a quick informational post for myself to keep track of the Language Pack IDs for SharePoint Language Language ID Arabic 1025 Basque 1069 Bulgarian 1026 Catalan 1027 Chinese (Simplified) 2052 Chinese (Traditional) 1028 Croatian 1050 Czech 1029 Danish 1030 Dutch 1043 English 1033 Estonian 1061 Finnish 1035 French 1036 Galician 1110 German 1031 Greek 1032 Hebrew 1037 Hindi 1081 Hungarian 1038 Italian 1040 Japanese 1041 Kazakh 1087 Korean 1042 Latvian 1062 Lithuanian 1063 Norwegian (Bokmål) 1044 Polish 1045 Portuguese (Brazil) 1046 Portuguese (Portugal) 2070 Romanian 1048 Russian 1049 Serbian (Latin) 2074 Slovak 1051 Slovenian 1060 Spanish 3082 Swedish 1053 Thai 1054 Turkish 1055 Ukrainian...

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SharePoint 2010–Indexing columns in a SharePoint List

Indexing columns in a SharePoint list can substantially improve the performance of various query operations, such as queries that use the indexed column, join operations, and ordering operations. In any list, you can either index a single column or define a composite index on two columns. How It Works SharePoint index columns on a list are somewhat similar to indexing columns in a database table.  But in the case of SharePoint these indexes are maintained in the NameValuePair table by SharePoint instead of SQL Server.  Indexed columns are actually implemented by populating all values of the indexed columns into...

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