Month: November 2009

Some Things To Get Excited About With SharePoint 2010

Random things that I’m looking forward to with SharePoint 2010: Managed Metadata Service Enterprise Content Types Tagging and Rating (Taxonomy & Folksonomy) Content Organizer (routing content based on pre-set policies) Records Management (in place or upload to record center) Delete, Hold in-place, Archive with Link options Social features, social search, social bookmarking, search for user content My Sites: Customizable My Site templates, org chart, user’s activity feed User Profile Service; Sync data from multiple sources into SharePoint profile Unique document IDs (HUGE!) SharePoint Workspace for offline collaboration Office Web applications Yes, a bit heavy on the social networking and content metatagging side, but that’s the stuff that gives users control while still being able to intelligently manage all that...

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Developing SharePoint 2007 – Application Guidance

This guidance helps architects and developers design, build, and test intranet and enterprise-scale SharePoint applications. Two reference implementations demonstrate solutions to common issues, and a library provides reusable components that can help you with your own development projects....

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Importance of Standards in SharePoint Development

So I’m going to spend a few moments on my soapbox here… SharePoint is an amazing application platform and through the use of many different 3rd party tools and custom code it can do just about anything.  As developers who know SharePoint we may be tempted to custom code something that is similar to SharePoint functionality, but just needs a few little tweaks to be perfect for the business. This is such a dangerous path.  Most SharePoint developers are .NET developers, but not all .NET developers are SharePoint developers.  Due to the restrictions that SharePoint places on the code,...

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