Month: November 2007

Deceptive Telemarketing

I don’t really have a problem with telemarketing. They are in the business of supplying a product and I assume they only want to reach out to people interested in their product or else they are just wasting everyone’s time. So today I got a call on my personal cell phone from the number (312) 506-3688 – I didn’t recognize the number, but I answered anyway. “Do you take credit cards?” Well, since they didn’t identify themselves, I figure they have the wrong number. “No, this is a personal cell phone, you must have the wrong number.” “Well is this XXXX tenancy?” “Nope, have a nice day.” And I hung up. They actually had my last name right, but I’m not a business and don’t deal with tenants as I’m not a landlord. Then I think, what would they have done if I had said yes? Give me their credit card info over the phone to a wrong number? So I did a quick google search on the phone number and found this interesting little service at . Apparently, this number belongs to a company called Landmark Merchant Solutions, and is in the habit of contacting people and asking if they accept credit cards. A quick mental checklist of where my number was and how they might have gotten it turned up that yes, last month I had...

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SharePoint Development–WSPBuilder

So there is a great tool that is up on CodePlex, makes things a lot simpler when packaging our WSP solutions. The WSPbuilder is a console application that creates SharePoint Solutions files based on a folder structure. WSPBuilder will automatically traverse a "12" folder structure and creates a SharePoint solution manifest.xml and the wsp file based on the files it finds. Therefore you do not need the knowledge of how to create a solution manifest.xml and wsp file any more. The folder structure that WSPBuilder uses to build the wsp file is actually the same folder stucture you will find in: "%Program Files%\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\12". So all that you have to do, is the create a \12 folder in your project and add your files to that folder matching the same structure as if you where to put them directly into the "%Program Files%\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\12" folder manually. WSPBuilder can be downloaded here:...

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The Branding Battleground

Last night my daughter and I went to the hardware store to get some drywall anchors. Earlier that evening she had been literally swinging from the drapes in the front room and managed to pull one of the curtain rods down on her head. Daddy was of course watching the football game. After checking to make sure she was all right and giving her the proper scolding about how the living room was not a jungle gym we set about to repair the damage. Spackling the holes was about a 30 second job. Spackle is one of those items that is always handy to have around, whether you are a college student or the parent of a 3 year old, having a can of this wonder paste around the house is a must. Once the spackle dried and my team was well on its way to winning the game, we headed out to the hardware store for some much needed heavy duty drywall anchors. There are many places that I try to avoid in Wal-mart and Target because my wife and I are trying to make an attempt at raising a brand-free child. We have intentionally made a choice to limit the amount of branding and advertising that she is exposed to. I really didn’t think that I would need to start avoiding certain sections of the hardware store...

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